Friday, May 11, 2012


Happy Anniversary "HAIR FOR LOVE" ...VERY EXCITING news coming soon :)  Get ready for ROUND TWO ladies..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hair for Love wraps up and we all find a new EXCITING direction...

Jill was just interviewed on ABC radio in NYC for new channel Womens Life & Style by Slacker Radio.
  Jill was just interviewed by Daria Albinger Incorvaia at ABC studios in NYC. "Hair for Love" wraps up and we all find a new EXCITING direction...

           Jill speaks at Single in the City events.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hair Stylist plays Matchmaker…by Stacey Linden

Book an appointment with this hairstylist and you may just get more than a fabulous new do! 

Hair stylist Jill Hammelman spends so much time working at her West Village business Extensions by JILL that she doesn't have time to meet men. So a few months ago, she hatched a plan to combine her livelihood with her search for love. Every client who sets her up on a date gets 20% off hair services. A second date means a second 20% off, and so on. If Hammelman and her man decide to get married, the client who introduced them gets free hair styling for life. Considering that the average woman spends a minimum of $50,000 on her hair over the course of her lifetime, that's a pretty amazing deal.

"I built this business by referral," explains Hammelman in a YouTube video. "So I figured, why not try for love?" So far, the “Hair for Love” YouTube video and her offer have brought an overwhelming amount of solid candidates. 

Now that Hammelman’s social life has picked up and she has set a new plan in motion…

Playing “Matchmaker” for her clients!

I am so excited to share the love!” says Hammelman.  She has met so many great men that now she is starting to set them up with her single clients.  As a hairstylist, she connects to her clients on a personal level, and she is paying it forward with matchmaking. 

Hair for's catching! 

For more details on Jill Hammelman and “Hair for Love”

or click to watch her video.

By Stacey Linden
Hair Stylist plays Matchmaker…