Specifics ARE Terrific! Details on Jill and who she is looking for

Who is Jill looking for? 

Male: Yes

Age:  30-50
Relationship status: Currently Single and available.
Height: taller than me?
Wants or has Children: Yes
Body type: Healthy lifestyle, in shape.
Preferred Traits:  SMART, funny, honest and loyal.  A good guy with a great sense of morals and strong family background.  Someone who likes to HAVE fun!  And not afraid to LIVE LIFE!
His Celebrity crushes:  If he likes, Selma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Katy Perry, then chances are he will like me too!
Jill and her details
Age: 36  - My birthday was last week!  Now 37 :)
Height: 5’7
Body type: Athletic, in shape.
Relationship status: Single never married
Wants children:  Yes
Hobbies & Interests: Outdoor Athletic Activities - Wine tastings and cooking classes- Being on or near the water - Volunteer organizations and social networking. 
Favorite destinations: Hong Kong, NYC, Chicago, Miami and Nantucket.
Celebrity Crushes: Stephen Colbert, Jeff Goldblum and the “naughty” Bob Saget.