Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hi, I’m Jill a Hair Extension Specialist – Colorist & Stylist and owner of Extensions by JILL in NYC. I love doing hair. In fact, I would like to do your hair for free for the rest of your life.  Too good to be true?  And all you have to do is this…help me find true love.

Just think of it – you will never have to pay for cut or color again in your life.  That’s quite an offer.  With my hair business, I meet so many wonderful women. And I have built my business by referrals.  So why not find LOVE?

So, here’s the deal – you introduce me to my future husband and you get FREE hair services for life.  Ideally I am looking to meet someone SMART, funny, honest and loyal. A good guy! Celebrity crush… think a Stephen Colbert and Jeff Goldblume love child.

Now I am a realist so I know this might not happen right away.  So I am giving myself (and you!) a timeline.  One year.  That’s right – 365 days for you to help me find the man of my dreams.

Ladies I am generous.  If you set me up with a guy, you get 20% off your next hair service.  If there’s a second date, another 20%.  And so on and so on.  Also, if a man and I aren’t a fit, I’m more than willing to pay it forward play matchmaker myself.  Share the love!

My talent lies in hair.  I’ve been trained by some of the best and I’ve worked really hard to get where I am.  I would love the opportunity to share this with you.  It’s a win-win, You get FREE hair and I get TRUE love. 

So my countdown starts today, (5/11/11).  Start your matchmaking.  My salon chair is waiting for you.  

http://www.extensionsbyjill.org/  *By appointment only

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